Anthology Of Experimental Music From Latin America


Not the walls that should collapse is that passive place and "of craftsmanship" that the market has given to the Latin American. Today, for a Latin American artist to be recognized in the global art markets, he must be able to say "from here I speak". Recovering myths, traditions, ancestral cultures and popular are some of the twists that artists seek to be legitimized. "And I wonder: why? Already when you start working with record labels, you realize that it is the same market that imposes these criteria of legitimacy. It's interesting. Why do not other people need it to create their own language? We need instrumentalists able to think and live up to their time. They will be accused of heretics, yes, but I invite you to heresy.

Susan Campos Fonseca

The Neokhipumancers Manifesto

After almost 6 years from the latest compilation focused on experimental music from Latina America, finally Unexplained Sounds Group publishes a cd release including, in addition to some of the musicians who participated in the initial project, many other artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and Venezuela, thereby providing evidence of continuous aesthetic research beyond all conventional barriers.
released February 3, 2023


Anthology Of Experimental Music From Latin America Various Unexplained Sounds CD/ DL Italy’s Unexplained Sounds label specialises in international experimental compilations. Anthology Of Experimental Music From Latin America is among the label’s most compelling collections. “Leaving The Body” – from Mexico’s Tarme Til Alle – leaves this planet in cascading, shoegaze-y whorls of flammable synthesizer. On “KhipuKoding”, Peru’s Paola Torres Núñez del Prado shaloms through mirrored, hallucinated chutes. Argentina’s Pablo Ribot wraps cracked prisms in cellophane with “Mantra”. Paulo Motta of Brazil contributes “Index Dial Maracatu”, a vortex of shattering digital crystals and bedazzled rainpool bleep. Spain’s Emiliano HernandezSantana massages dark seethe and rattling segue into “Islas De Fango”, the soundtrack to an imagined cult noir where the nameless city never stops changing colours and all the actors lack faces.
Raymon Cummings

Avant Music News
If nothing else, the ongoing Sound Mapping project from Unexplained Sounds Group has established that excellent experimental music can be found in every populated geography on the planet. We should all know that intuitively, but at this point there is no counterargument.

Published by ©Unexplained Sounds Group
Curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella
Cover image “The Harbinger of Autumn” (Paul Klee, 1922)