Christos Chondropoulos / Greek Folk Music Mixtape / MBE series 009


Edition of 150 cassette tape copies

Recalling the first issue of Trance Mediterranea, MBE series is presenting 'Chants & Songs' an outstanding long recording on greek folk music selected and recorded by Christos Chondropoulos.

Christos Chondropoulos is a percussionist and an electronic music producer from Athens, for the MBE009 he recorded a 60mins mixtape with a focus on side A on greek folk chants from Epirus (his homeland) and Northern Greece, while on side B he moves on a more rhythmic side of folk music from the same geographic area.
Polyphonic chants, trancy bagpipes, cadence tambourines evoking practically all aspects of life, childhood, marriage, mourning for the dead, pastoral life or historical events.

A mesmerizing work of excavation on the Mediterranean Sea popular culture.

Music selected and recorded by Christos Chondropoulos
Curated by Giovanni Napolano