Kostis Argyriadis - DD/MM/YYYY


Photobook by Kostis Argyriadis

DD/MM/YYYY is a series of personal photographic explorations of place and presence. It explores time and what remains of it as it flows between us. In a way, it is an isolation in a small universe that I am trying to create and within which I am trying to exist comfortably.

What I discover (or find) in this series are human forms and traces of nature, bombarded by fragments of memory that I collect to create this new passage, which may be a new isolation or a way out. At the same time, I am attempting to remain consciously present, aware, always in the way that every new answer leads to a new question, starting a new circle while ending the previous one.

As I look back on this project’s moments of creation, I observe that there is always something more to unfold: a reminder of what is actually important without seeming important; a fleeting glimpse of the everyday, magical, yet trivial events that life provides.

Numbered copies
170 x 220 mm
96 pages
Print run 250 copies