Lieven Martens - M​ú​sica Azul


Música Azul is a gulfstream of melodies originally written for Spencer Clark’s Avatar Blue exposition at Het Bos in Antwerp, march 2019.

I got the original melody lines from a photoshop mock-up in which Spencer showed his ideas for the expo. I then performed the piece - partly improvised - on the opening night as to activate the several artworks that were displayed in the installation. Afterwards I edited and reworked the composition for optimal home listening.

Música Azul doesn't really fit my catalogue. Or does it? A swift storyline. Bubbly, wet, repeating, homophonic textures yet small/constant changes, blue - azul

Limited edition cassette tape

released July 4, 2022

Music, mixing: Lieven Martens
Typography: Jeroen Wille
Risograph Printing: Jan Matthé