Various Artists - Sound transportation / Transfer International (To Pikap Records)


This project is about contemporary improvisatory and electronic music. Furthermore, it concerns the multiple ways that the creative works can be spread throughout the world, with the use of today's digital means of communication. Moreover it is an endeavour concerning the innovative results of teamwork and diversity.
We have invited six musical projects of artists who inhabit in North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany and six musical projects of artists who inhabit in Thessaloniki, Greece (the latter being members of our “To Pikap The Scene – Music in Thessaloniki” platform) to participate in our program. We have aided both parties to get in contact and open a channel of communication in order to work together online through exchanging material and ideas. This procedure has led to the creation of six new team projects.
These projects were presented at “To Pikap”, through interviews and live performances that took place in our radio station studio. They were streamed online and now are part of our “Mini Radio Concerts” videos series as well.
The performances were recorded live and this compilation is the outcome of this recordings.
released September 26, 2020

All compositions/performances by the artists stated, recorded live at To Pikap's radio station studio by To Tsouko.