BODIES OF WATER by Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies

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This box set contains three albums – Melting Landscapes, Dammed Landscapes and Buried Landscapes – that together trace the dramatic metamorphosis of water. Ranging from the receding tongue of the Morteratsch glacier in Engadine to the guzzling turbines of the Punt Dal Gall hydroelectric dam and the disgorging reservoir chambers of Zurich, the collectively recorded field recordings combine to paint a panorama of a fading epoch when water was still treated as a naturally inexhaustible element.

released October 4, 2022

Research and teaching team: Christophe Girot, Ludwig Berger, Laura Endres, Fabian Gutscher, Dennis Häusler, Johannes Rebsamen, Matthias Vollmer

Image editing: Dennis Häusler, Johannes Rebsamen, Matthias Vollmer
Sound editing: Ludwig Berger, Fabian Gutscher
Texts: Christophe Girot, Dennis Häusler, Matthias Vollmer

Chair of Landscapes Architecture of Christophe Girot
Institute for Landscape and Urban Studies (LUS)
Network City and Landscape (NSL)
Department of Architecture (D-ARCH)
Landscape Visualization and Modelling Lab (LVML)
ETH Zurich